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Our exciting escorted tour which we arrange each year travels to the amazing EAA AirVenture  airshow held in Oshkosh  Wisconsin USA, departing towards the end of July. 

Have a look at the airshow page and the tour page to discover where we go and what we do.

Additional Travel Arrangements:

We are experienced at organizing travel of all types . If you are interested in cruising, we can find the ideal cruise for you anywhere in the world where you might like to go.

Coach tours are available in so many countries now and we can find the one to suit you.

We can arrange all types of accommodation, rental vehicles, flights,  all over the world.


So please give us the opportunity to arrange the travel of your dreams. travel to visit friends and family or business travel.  Gaye has been in the travel industry since 1981, and Karen has lots of experience too we look forward to working with you to  arrange any travel requirements you have.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Gaye and George Pardy and Karen Church