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2017 Oshkosh  EAA AirVenture



We fly Air NZ when we fly to America...........



This year we are departing New Zealand 22nd July  We spend an overnight in Chicago and then travel by luxury coach stopping for a real American breakfast . We visit the Harley Davidson Museum at Milwaukee on our way to Oshkosh. The accommodation is at the University of Wisconsin. After we have settled in we take a bus to orientate ourselves around Oshkosh and visit a Walmart store to get our goodies for the week. We then do an orientation of the university and enjoy our first dinner at the Black Hawke Common.  Next morning is the start of an amazing week at the EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh. We have bus passes which makes life a lot easier getting out there each day. The pass is also able to be used  on the local buses. There are  many workshops and forums to plan for from the  programme.  The daily show and the two night airshows are real hightlights.  On Sunday 30th July  we depart from Oshkosh, some to make their way home, while our tour will set off  for Portland and Seattle and further north.

We will visit the Vans factory and other aviation sites.and visit the Evergreen Museum where the Spruce Goose is among many interesting aircraft.   

In Seattle  we will visit the Boeing Field see the Museum of Flight home of the Blue Angeles, visit the Boeing Factory. . A cruise up through the Loch's   a tour underground of the old Seattle City  are some of the sights and sounds we may visit. 

It is only a short hop to visit  Canada, the Rockies or Vancouver Island.

You may be interested to take a cruise up to Alaska either from Seattle or from Vancouver.

A fabulous time through the Inside passage!

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