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2020 tour

This year we are flying over to USA i Air New Zealand's dreamliner787 on the 17th of July 2020.

After a night in Chicago we coach up to Oshkosh visiting the Harley Davidson Museum  on the way.

We get to explore a little of Wisconsin when we get there this year.

We then begin an amazing week of aviation at the EAA ArVenture.  We will stay at the University of Wisconsin right in Oshkosh with air conditioned accommodation.  Bus passes make it easy to go in and out of the AIrVenture site each day.  Thousands of aircraft will be on display including homebuilts, vintage, and veteran aircraft, ultralight microlights, helicopters, warbirds, and military aircraft as well.  The thousands of private aircraft which are flown in make it a great convention too.  During the week you may attend some of the many interesting workshops and forums which run continuously as part of the air show.  A short bus ride takes you out to Winebago Lake edge to see the amphibian area of the show.  A flight in the Ford Tri-motor gives a wonderful view of the whole area.  Helicopter ries are available too and also a flight in the B-17 bomber.  For a change on wet or very hot days you may want to check out the Museum which is really amazing free entry for this is included with you AIrVenture entrance fees.  Of course there are also many talks from aviators of the past and present. at the Theatre in the Woods ad also at the Museum to check out.

The airshow takes place every afternoon and there are two really amazing night airshows which can be seen on Wednesday and Saturday.  Because of the size of the show be prepared to walk a good distance but you can enjoy the rides on the John Deer drawn trollies which take you to various areas of the show.

In for a bit of shopping they have the fly market which is part of the show you can find tools, old nuts and bolts or aircraft manuals plus lots of aviation memorabilia.  There are four huge hangars housing the many aviation companies selling products and accessories anything you could want to purchase.  Many of the aircraft companies also have their planes on display around the grounds, and the EAA have their own shops too so you can buy t-shirts and caps to mark the occassion of your visit.

After and amazing week at Oshkosh 2020 we will wing off to Washington DC to see some of the Smithsonian Museums, and the spectacular newer Udvar-Hazy Museum out by the Dullles airport.  Then off to Tuscon Arizona to visit the PIMA Air Museum which has over 300 aircraft, the AMARG (boneyard of the desert), the ASARCO Mineral Copper Mine Discovery Centre, the now historical Titan 11 Missile site, plus a visit to Bisbee and Tombstone.  Then on to Los Angeles to visit CHINO with Planes of Fame and the YANKS Museum.  We then fly off home from here - or you can carry on we are happy to organise any further travel for you, contact us and we can help you with any further arrangements.